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    T560 transport vibrometer

    • Model:T560/Zhongheng
    • Application Features:Application characteristics: The third generation of domestic transport vibration meter (impact recorder), one key record, on-site printing, continuous record for more than 120 days, optimize the packaging design, find event cause and effect, optimize the transport program, provide delivery documents, provide claims basis.
    • Contact tel:028-85249456 / 18608045982

                     Record the whole process of three-dimensional vibration, shock, collision acceleration, escort for the transport of cargo. The T560 can pr

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    2. Instrument composition
    3. Echnical parameters


                     Record the whole process of three-dimensional vibration, shock, collision acceleration, escort for the transport of cargo. The T560 can provide an important basis for the definition of responsibility for the excessive vibration or shock of important equipment that can lead to unacceptable damage in the course of transport. The data processing software can view the triaxial acceleration value stored in the recorder, analyze the overrun event waveform and output the report according to the preset scheme. 

    The microcomputer can print the test data in the field.

              冲击记录仪-运输测振仪                  冲击记录仪-运输测振仪                   冲击记录仪-运输测振仪                 冲击记录仪-运输测振仪                    冲击记录仪-运输测振仪

    Optimize the packaging design        find the event cause and effect           optimize the transport program            provide delivery certificate              provide claims basis



                              Third - generation transport vibration recorder 


                              Overrun Event - Triaxial Acceleration Event Curve


                                      Can record more than 120 days        


                   Removable battery (rechargeable or one-time 

    large capacity battery)


                                     Micro-design (78 × 80mm)            

                  Waterproof, corrosion resistant, aluminum housing (IP65)                     



                                 According to the development of logistics and power industry standards

                     One key record / output report /On site print to meet the transport needs

    The system is mainly composed of T560 impact recorder and user terminal software. Prior to transport test, fix the machine and switch 

    it on, the acquisition can be started by touching button on the machine and setting parameter in the user terminal software. During the 

    transportation process, the system will automatically record and store the entire dynamic waveform data and real-time control the instrument 

    through the platform software to view the impact data, map location, download data, analysis and make report.


    Type: three-axis acceleration;  temperature and humidity matching(optional)

    Measuring range: ± 16g

    Measurement accuracy: ± 0.1g, 0.01g resolution                  

    data record

    Recording mode: continuous, sampling interval multi-file preset

    Event record: 0-16g preset

    Data format: X, Y, Z triaxial peak and the corresponding time

    Storage capacity: 8GB

    Interface: USB

    Status indication: overrun status, recording status, power status

    Power supply

    Rechargeable battery: removable, cycle charge (for 1 month short cycle high frequency shipping)

    Disposable batteries: removable, more than 60 days of life (for more than 2 months import and export one-way shipping)


    Machine type: mini POSE, rechargeable, free drive

    Print format: full graphics, data list, event list, triaxial peak

    Printing paper: 57 × 30mm thermal paper

    No computer support on site print report / one-touch printing

    Full graphic display / triaxial peak and corresponding time

    Event list and peak / free drive installation

    Software features

    Analysis software: based on WINDOWS, bilingual, parameter settings, data analysis, report output

    >> main function

    Full field graphics display equipment, transport goods information display

    Data import save parameter preset configuration

    Custom Overrun Standard Classification Statistics TXT, EXCEL, BMP Output Print

    Three - axis vibration, shock event curve industry transport standard summary

    >> event curve

    Acceleration with time (g-t) Cursor reading

    Three - axis Acceleration Vector Synthesis Corresponding Trigger Time

    1s Event Length The event curve can be printed separately

    >> full report

    Include header test unit and operator report generation time

    Basic Shipping Information Current Concern Data Chart

    Summary of Super Statistic Report


    Shell material: aluminum alloy / IP65

    Working temperature: -35 ~ 60 ℃

    Size Weight: Ø78 × 80mm, 450g (with battery)

    Installation size: 4 * 6.5mm / M5 screw / adhesive

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